ES Elastomeric Firestop


ES Sealant is a latex-based gun grade elastomeric firestop sealant designed for construction joint applications. Once cured, ES Sealant forms a flexible shield against the passage fire and smoke. In dynamic joint conditions, ES Sealant is tested to accommodate up to 25% compression/extension of the installed joint width.

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ES Elastomeric Firestop Sealant

LC Endothermic Firestop


SpecSeal® LC Endothermic Sealant is a latex-based gun grade firestop sealant for construction joints and non-combustible penetrations. After application, LC Sealant cures to form a flexible seal against the propagation of fire. Under fire exposure, LC absorbs heat and release water vapor resisting the progress of smoke and flame.

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LC Endothermic Firestop Sealant
AS200 Elastomeric Spray

AS200 Elastomeric


SpecSeal® AS200 Elastomeric Spray is a latex-based elastomeric firestop spray for construction joints and perimeter fire barrier applications. AS200 cures to form a durable seal that resists the passage of the products of combustion while accommodating for high dynamic joint movement.

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AS200 Elastomeric Spray

SIL Silicone Firestop


SpecSeal® SIL300 Silicone Sealant is a high performance silicone firestop sealant tested to resist the passage of smoke, flame and water through construction joints and through-penetrations. SIL300 Sealant cures to form a flexible seal and carries a Class 1 W Rating for water resistance (Per ANSI/UL1479).

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SIL Silicone Firestop Sealant

SpeedFlex® Joint Profile


SpeedFlex® Joint Profile combines with SpecSeal® spray-applied coatings to provide unsurpassed joint movement capabilities in gypsum board construction. SpeedFlex® Joint Profile replaces traditional forming materials allowing for reduced application times and increased productivity.

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SpeedFlex® Joint Profile System

SpeedFlex® TTG Track

Top Gasket

SpeedFlex® TTG Track Top Gasket makes short work of construction joints in gypsum board construction. TTG eliminates the need for firestop sealants or sprays by firestopping as the wall is constructed. Track Top Gasket is easily cut to length with scissors or a sharp knife, installing quick with no waste.

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SpeedFlex® TTG Track Top Gasket