LCI Intumescent Firestop


SpecSeal® LCI Firestop Sealant is a water-based intumescent sealant intended for a wide range of through-penetration and construction joint applications. SpecSeal® LCI Sealant has excellent caulking properties making it easy to apply in vertical applications as well as overhead.


LC Endothermic Firestop


SpecSeal® LC Endothermic Sealant is a latex-based gun grade firestop sealant for construction joints and non-combustible penetrations. After application, LC Sealant cures to form a flexible seal against the propagation of fire. Under fire exposure, LC absorbs heat and release water vapor resisting the progress of smoke and flame.


SpecSeal® SSS Firestop Sealant is a premium grade water-based Intumescent firestop sealant. SpecSeal® SSS Sealant incorporates our proprietary two-stage intumescent technology making it the go to choice for any combustible or non-combustible penetrants. As little as a 1/2″ applied depth of SSS Sealant is required to provide up to a 4 Hr Fire resistance rating when tested to ASTM E814/UL 1479.

Intumescent Firestop



SpecSeal® SSW Wrap Strips are available in a variety of sizes and types to tackle any combustible penetration. SSW Wrap Strips are available in 12 ft. rolls as well as individually pre-sized strips to minimize waste and speed up installation. When installed in conjunction with restraining steel, SSW Wrap Strips are able to collapse non-metallic piping of up to 12 in. diam.!

SSW Intumescent

Wrap Strips


RTC Intumescent Firestop Collars

SpecSeal® RTC Firestop Collars adapt to the size combustible pipe that you are working with. One collar is designed to address standard 3 in. & 4 in. plastic pipes as well as their associated couplings. RTC Firestop Collars adaptable nature make them an excellent tool to have at hand when bringing combustible penetrations up to code.


SpecSeal® SSC Firestop Collars are factory-manufactured firestop devices sized to plastic pipes of up to 6 in. Trade Size. SSC Collars consist of a restraining collar with a factory applied intumescent ensuring the correct amount of material is applied every time. Under fire exposure, SSC Collars quickly expand and collapse combustible piping forming a dense char, resisting the passage of smoke and flame.

SSC Intumescent Firestop Collars


LCC Intumescent Firestop Collars

SpecSeal® LCC Firestop Collars are factory-manufactured firestop devices sized to plastic pipes of up to 4 in. Trade Size. LCC Collars consist of a restraining collar with a factory applied intumescent ensuring the correct amount of material is applied every time. Simplify the process of firestopping combustible piping by taking the guess work out of estimation with SpecSeal® LCC Firestop Collars.


SSB Intumescent Firestop Pillows

SpecSeal® SSB Firestop Pillows easily compress and conform around any penetrant. Equally suited for new or existing conditions, SpecSeal® Pillows make short work of even the most complex through-penetration firestop conditions.


SpecSeal® Composite Sheet is the ideal solution for large openings where a permanent seal is required. Composite sheet consists of a thin sheet steel with intumescent embedded onto a single side. Composite sheet partners with other SpecSeal® firestop products such as Firestop Collars and EZ-Path® Devices to size down oversized openings.

Composite Sheet


SSM Firestop Mortar

SpecSeal® SSM Firestop Mortar is a light-weight cost conscious solution for oversized openings in concrete walls and floors. Once mixed with water, SpecSeal® Mortar forms a light weight, low density slurry that easily applies into concrete walls and floors. SpecSeal® Mortar cures quickly and will not spall or crack due to freezing or changes in temperature.


SpecSeal® SSP Firestop Putty excels at sealing cabling penetrations and outlet boxes. SSP Putty is non-hardening and easily hand works around grouped cabling penetrations forming a re-enterable seal allowing for future work. When applied with outlet boxes, SSP Putty easily works into voids and seams forming a continuous seal against fire and the products of combustion.

SSP Putty &

Putty Pads


Powershield™ Electrical

Box Insert

SpecSeal® EP Powershield™ Electrical Box Inserts install within steel electrical boxes directly against the back of the box. Powershield™ Box inserts are equally suited for remediation as well as preinstallation before the boxes have made it to the job site. Powershield™ Box inserts incorporate pre-scored openings allowing for easy installation around ground lugs.


FyreFlange™ Firestop Angle is a single step solution to addressing HVAC Ductwork penetrations. FyreFlange™ consists of a heavy steel angle with an intumescent gasket, sealing against fire and smoke while reinforcing ductwork under exposure. Eliminate the headaches of staging and multiple inspections of traditional HVAC firestopping with FyreFlange™.

FyreFlange™ HVAC Firestop Angle


Eliminate core-drilling and firestop after the concrete pour with SpecSeal®CID Cast-In Firestop Devices. SpecSeal® Cast-In Devices are a sleeve, concrete form and firestop rolled into a single device. SpecSeal® Cast-In Devices are available in a range of sizes and heights to accommodate penetrant up to 6 in. Trade Size penetrants and concrete depths of up to 36 in.

CID Cast-In Firestop


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